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  • Parameter 1: Default category name (without Category) - the category if there is no date, but also the stem of the category name when there is a date..
  • Parameter 2: Preposition (from, since, in, as of).
  • Parameter 3: Date (month year, e.g. February 2019. Usually the "date" parameter of the calling template {{{date|}}}.
  • Parameter 4: Category all the articles go in, dated or not (if there is one).
  • Parameter 5: Alternative default category, used when parameter 1 is right for forming the dated category, but the undated items need to go somewhere else.

Technical Edit

The parameter onlyarticles ({{Dated maintenance category}} only) is used for template design, restricting the function of this template to article namespace (as in {{DMCA}} ).


Note Edit

An incorrect date is any date which is not of the form February 2019, e.g. February 23, 2019, or june instead of June, or other spelling mistakes.

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