Wikia's Captcha'sEdit

Thanks for helping! You may notice that Wikia will toss "captchas" those "add a word here" things at you a lot if you haven't grabbed yourself a Wikia account. We urge you to do that. If it still continues, let us know and we'll review you for editorial status that will allow you to work with less annoyance.

Editorial Staff NeededEdit

We need EDITORS, PHOTO EDITORs, graphic artists and researchers and FUNDRAISERS!!  These are low to no pay, thankful jobs. We solicit donations.

We're in process of putting in for a 501(c)(3) for JazzSkool at which time FUNDRAISING people will be greatly needed.

You can also VOLUNTEER for community service hours at school. Contact the managing editor at to arrange for volunteer time and a letter to your school.

To see what needs doing currently, and to talk with us about what you can do to help, visit our JazzSkool page at Facebook or contact the managing editor at

Anyone can start an articleEdit

We're still working on how to best create content for JazzSkool.  For now, we always appreciate people putting together "Stub" articles that we can work on later.  If you can just share over Wiki content from other sites like Wikipedia, it's a start. We then "modernize" with video, images, and more research.
While many of Wikipedia's articles are not full or complete, they generally are accurate and a good basis for an article.

1. Open up the link to an uncompleted page or hit the "new page" button to start one.

2. Type {{stub}} at the start the article. This designates it as a work in progress for our editors.

3. Go to Wikipedia and pull a copy of their article. Paste it into your new page. To see how to do this, watch the video, below:

JazzSkool Training Video 1 - Wikipedia Transfers

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