Elin Rosseland (born April 5, 1959 in Norway) is a singer, bandleader, and composer who studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music and is known from collaborations with Vigleik Storaas, Johannes Eick, Sidsel Endresen, Eldbjørg Raknes, Christian Wallumrød, and Johannes Eick.[1][2]



Rosseland has played with «Stein Eide Band», the Norwegian band «Kix» and the octet «Winds Hot & Cool» (with album in 1984). She early developed her own quintet «Fair Play» based in Trondheim, with the musicians Tor Yttredal, Vigleik Storaas, Johannes Eick and Trond Kopperud. They released the album Fair Play (1989). She joined the band «Søyr» (1986–94), the trio «ESE» with Sidsel Endresen and Eldbjørg Raknes (Gack, Jazzland 1998).[1]

The work Fra himmelen gave her the NOPA Award for the work of the year, for both music and lyrics, in 1996 (released on NorCD 1997, with Christian Wallumrød and Johannes Eick). She also released Moment (2004) in trio with Johannes Eick and Rob Waring, and performed with Knut Riisnæs at Oslo Jazz Festival in a pice where «Oslo Storband» performed the Peer Gynt Suite by Helge Hurum.[2]

Rosseland associated with jazz vocal training at Norges Musikkhøgskole.[1][2]


  • Awarded Radka Toneff's Minnepris 2009
  • NOPA's Award for the work of the year, for both music and lyrics, in 1996


Solo projects
  • Fair Play (Odin, 1989)
  • Fair Play (2) (Grappa, 1993), feat. Norma Winstone (vocals)
  • Fra himmelen (1997), in trio «The (3)» with Christian Wallumrød & Johannes Eick
  • Moment (2004)
  • Elin Rosseland Trio (2007)
  • Jazz Mass (2009), with Tore Johansen & «Bodø Domkor»
With the trio «ESE» (Eldbjørg Raknes & Sidsel Endresen)
  • Gack (Gack, Jazzland, 1998)
With Espen Rud
  • Hotelsuite (1984)
With Lars Martin Myhre
  • Bak speilet (1985)
With «Søyr»
  • Vectors (1987)
  • Bussene lengter hjem (1994)
With Helge Hurum
  • Fata morgana (1987)



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