A list of all of the 369 known jazz record labels:

2 13 61 Records Eremite Records Norgran Records
2nd Floor Edition Records ESP Records Nowjazz/Ramwong Records
32 Jazz Records Evening Star Records Nuscope Records
51 West Records Felsted Records Ogun LP Records
52e Rue Est Records Fish Music Records Ogun CD Records
AA Records Records Fluid Records OkkaDisk Records
A-Records Records Flying Dutchman Records Old Swing-Master Records
Accurate Records Flyright Records Omega Records
ACT Records FM Records Omni Sonic Records
Acta Records FMP Records Omnisound Records
Adelphi Records Focus Records Onyx Records
Affinity Records For 4 Ears Records Organ Of Corti Records
Aladdin Records Free Bird Records Pablo Records
Aleph Records Free Lance Records Pacific Jazz Records
Alice Musik Produktion Records Fresh Sound Records Palcoscenico Records
All Life Records Fresh Sound New Talent Records Palo Alto Records
Alto Records Fringes Records Parrot/Blue Lake Records
America Records Futura Records Peacock Records
Andex Records Future Music Records Records Perception Records
Antilles Records Galaxy Records Period Records
Apollo Records GeestGronden Records Philly Jazz Records
Arabesque Records GM Records Philology Records
Arc Records Golden Years Of New Jazz Records Ping Records
Argo/Cadet Records Goody Records Plag Dich Nicht Records
Arista/Freedom Records Greenestreet Records Plainisphare Records
Arista/Novus Records Groove Merchant Records PM Records
Aristocrat Records HatHut Records Postcards Records
Artists House Records HatOLOGY Records Potlatch Records
ASC Records HiFi Records Po Torch Records
Asian Improv Records High Note Records Prestige Records
Atco Records Honey Dew Records Queen Disc Records
Atlantic Records Horizon Records Quinnah Records
Atlas Records Horo Records Rama Records
Audio Lab Records Hot Club Records Random Acoustics Records
AudioQuest Records Hybrid Music Productions Records Rare Music Records
AUM Fidelity Records Hy-Tone Records Rastascan Records
Ava Records ICP Records Rectangle Records
Avant Records IDA Records Red Records
BASF (Netherlands) Records Imperial Records Repertoire Records
Bassic-Sound Records Improvising Artists Records Reservoir Records
Battle Records Impulse Records Revelation Records
Bead Records Incus LP Records Rhumboogie Records
Bee Hive Records Incus CD Records Riverside Records
Bet-Car Records India Navigation Records Roost Records
Bethlehem Records Ingo Records Roulette Records
Between the Lines Records Inner City Records SAJ Records
Bingow Records In Situ Records Salvation Records
Black Jazz Records Intakt Records Salvation (CTI) Records
Black Saint Records Interplay Records Savoy Records
Bleu Regard Records Intro Records Scatter Records
Bloomdido Records Japo Records Scepter Records
Blue Note Records Jaro Records Score Records
Blue Tower Records Jazz Records Screwgun Records
Bosco Records Jazz Band Records Seeco Records
BOXmedia Records Jazzcraft Records Shandar Records
Braxton House Records Jazz Door Records Sharp Nine Records
Bruce's Fingers Records Jazz Groove Records Shock Records
Brunswick Records JazzHausMusik Records Signal Records
BYG-Actuel Records Jazzland Records Silkheart Records
Cadence Records Jazztime/Jazzline Records Skye Records
Cadence Jazz Records Jazz: West Records SLAM Records
CAICAI Records JCOA Records Solid State Records
Calig Records JHM Records Songlines Records
Cameo Records Jihad Records Sonore Records
Candid Records JMY Records Soul Note Records
Carlton Records Josie Records Sound Aspects Records
Carmo Records Jubilee Records Specialty Records
Catalyst Records Kharma Records Spotlite Records
CELP Records King Records Status Records
Center of the World Records Kudu Records Steeplechase Records
Challenge Records Label Bleu Records Stereo Records
Chance Records La Colleccio del Taller Records Stere-o-craft Records
Charlie Parker Records Landmark Records Strand Records
Charly Records Laurie Records Strata East Records
Charter Records Le Jazz Records Stretch Records
Choice Records Leo Records Sublingual Records
Chronoscope Records Leo Lab Records Sue Records
CIMP Records Level Green Records Sun Records
Circle (G) Records Liberty Records Sunbeam Records
Circulasione Totale Records Limelight Records Sunnyside Records
Clean Cuts Records Limited Sedition Records Sunset Records
Club 51 Records Lion Records Survival Records
Cobblestone Records LRC Records Swingville Records
Colpix Records Magnetic Records Tact Records
Columbia Records Mainstream Records Tampa Records
Command Records Marge Records Tautology Records
Concepts Of Doing Records Mash Records Telarc Records
Concord Records Masters of Jazz Records Theresa Records
Confront Records Matchless Records Theron Records
Contact Records Maya Records Top Rank Records
Contemporary Records Meantime Records Transition Records
Criss Cross Records Meniscus Records Trend Records
Crown Records MetroJazz Records Trip Records
CTI Records Metronome (CTI) Records Trident Records
Cuneiform Records MGM Records Tru-Sound Records
Dawn Records Milestone Records Tutu Records
DDQ Records Miracle Records Uhlklang Records
Delmark Records Mode Records Unheard Music Records
Dial Records Modern Records Unit Records
Dig Records Mole Records Uptown Records
Disco Mate Records Monkey Records Urania Records
Discovery Records Mons Records Vand'Ouevre Records
Discus Records Moodsville Records Vanguard Records
Discwasher Records Moon Records Vee Jay Records
Dot Records Mosaic Records Verve Records
Double-Time Records MPS Records VGM Records
Dragon Records Muse Records Victo Records
Dreamstreet Records Music and Arts Records Vitacoustic Records
Durian� Records Musica Records Vortex Records
East-West Records Mustevic Records VSOP Records
East Wind Records Mycophile Records Warwick Records
ECM Records Nato Records Waterland Records
Editions Nova/Musica Secreta Records Nemperor Records Watt Records
Elektra/Musician Records Nessa Records West 54 Records
Emanem Records New Artists Records West Wind Records
EmArcy Records New Jazz Records Why Not Records
Embryo Records New Note Records WIM Records
Empire Records Night Records Wobbly Rail Records
Enja #1 Records Nine Winds Records Workshop Jazz� Records
Enja #2 Records Ninth World Music Records World Pacific Records
Enrica Records Nippon Columbia Records Xanadu Records
Entropy Stereo Records No More Records Zim Records
EPM Records