Provides a count of the number of transclusions of a page.

  db          - The name of the database.
                Examples: frwiki for the French Wikipedia, 
                          jawiktionary for Japanese Wiktionary
                Default: enwiki
  callback    - If specified, wraps the output into a given function call and changes Content-Type to application/json for script use.
  filterredir - How to filter for redirects
                One value: all, redirects, nonredirects
                Default: all
  ns          - The assumed namespace of the page
                Default: 0
  title       - Title to search.


* The "What links here" page combines the results of both backlinks and embeddedin (transclusions).
* For a backlink count use tool.
* This tool does not support namespace localization, use English namespaces or the ns parameter instead.
* Source code is at